Bingo Chat Rules

We consider that OUR LIVE-chat room is a great place to meet people and play bingo. So that our customers feel comfortable at all times, we do ask of our players to follow OUR chat rules, so this may be an enjoyable place for all who come here.

We know this will be an easy task to follow, because we consider that our customers are a GREAT bunch of people.

No one should impersonate another player.

No indecent or foul, or inappropriate language will be used.

No harassment of other chatters.

No harassing other chatters for Winning games.

All Alias' and nicknames will be in good taste.

Have respect for the Webs Authority and impartiality in any arguments.

No arguing or bickering at any time. Complaints will be handled in private chat or by email.

Please do not discuss inappropriate subjects on the chat.

Players should not slander, abuse or use threatening language to others.

Players are not permitted under any circumstances to promote or discuss promotions at other Bingo sites in the chat.

Players should not use vulgar or threatening statements.

Players are not permitted to use sexual, racial or ethnic slurs.

Please do not repeat lines over and over or flood the screen.

Thank you for complying with the Bingo Chat Rules.

If you should have a problem with another player because he/she has violated one of these rules please contact our Support Department.