Responsible Gambling

Responsible Gambling Means Pleasure Without Pain

The aim of an online casino in general and of our site at Reel Island in particular, is to ensure that everyone who takes part will always enjoy the experience. The single most important key to that enjoyment lies in ensuring that a player’s attitude to gaming remains responsible at all times. Though rare, serious gambling addictions do occur and require professional treatment. More common is problem gambling which, fortunately is easily recognised and can be overcome. We offer a number of measures that are designed to help you, our valued clients, to make your experience an enjoyable one. These measures fall into four categories…


The legal age limit applied to most forms of gambling varies from country to country but will generally fall somewhere between 18 and 21 and it is the responsibility of the individual to investigate the verify the restrictions applicable to his or her location.

To ensure compliance with the rules governing gambling by minors, we request printed proof of age in the form of a certified copy of a formal ID document or driving licence.

There are also some steps that may be taken by parents to protect their children…

  • Those who play online should make sure that all of their casino accounts are password-protected and that they never leave their computer unattended whilst still logged in to a casino account.

  • Where a computer is shared with minors, create separate user accounts for them and apply the password-protected parental controls and be sure that your own user account is protected also.

  • Finally, responsible parents should not permit minors to watch their online gaming activities.


It is not unusual for a player to become excited during a hand of poker or when experiencing a winning streak on a favourite slot. Occasionally, excitement or, in other cases, desperation can lead to a player spending more than intended and could even result in financial difficulties.

To prevent this, Reel Island offers players the opportunity to limit their spending. This may be arranged simply with a call to our support team who will make the necessary adjustments to the operation of your account.


To address a problem one must first recognise that it exists. The following are just a few relevant questions that need to be asked if you suspect that you or a friend is in danger from problem gambling. The more yesses you identify the greater the danger and the more urgent the need to take remedial action

Do you…

  • …shirk responsibilities such as work or lectures in order to gamble?

  • …gamble to counteract boredom or unhappiness?

  • …get depressed by losses and a compelled to recover them?

  • …play until you run out of money even though you may need?

  • …lie about how much time and cash you spend on gambling?

  • …neglect friends or family in order to gamble?

  • …deal with stress or conflict by gambling?


If you have any reason to believe that you may have problem then the sooner you receive some expert, professional support the better. There are a number of excellent organisations that are devoted to the task and waiting to help you. To ensure that your gaming remains responsible we recommend that you contact one of the following organisations.