Fair Gaming at Reel Island




When choosing to gamble, whether online or live, a player likes to know that he or she has a good chance of winning. At an online casino, the outcome of your bet will be determined by a specialised computer programme known as a random number generator.


Being determined by software, the overall performance of online casino games is readily monitored and the accurate measurement of performance statistics such as the ratio of total winnings paid to that of total stakes received is a simple matter.


During you visits to Reel Island we not only strive to ensure that you are treated fairly but that you are fully protected from any possible loss or damage arising from a breach of security.


Fair Play


Naturally, for any business to remain solvent, its overall operation must result in a profit and online casinos are no exception, In claiming to offer conditions of “Fair Play”, we at Reel Island endeavour to ensure that although the we too make profits, by far the majority of our total income from wagers is consistently returned to players in the form of winnings.


Known as the payout percentage, because outcomes are truly random, the actual percentage varies from game to game and between the various genres. For instance, the odds to players are rather more favourable when playing Blackjack than when playing Roulette.


As a general rule online casinos should retain an average 5-6% or less of their turnovers across their portfolio of games in order to be seen as conforming to the widely-accepted standards of fair play.


All games accessed via the Reel Island portal are subject to the close scrutiny of independent, third-party specialist organisations whose role is to determine payout ratios and other performance statistics on behalf of the industry.


e-Commerce and Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance (eCOGRA) is widely regarded as setting the benchmark in this field. It examines the data logs of participating online casinos in order to calculate the overall payout percentage and that for the three main groups of online games.


Typical Statistics


The following statistics are typical of those players at Reel Island


All Games


Slot Games


Table Games


Poker Games



In addition the quarterly reports include the results of performance studies conducted for each random number generator used as; typically, differing RNG software routines are used to govern Blackjack, Roulette and Video Pokers.


We publish results of these studies on our website as they become available so players remain aware of the latest payout ratios and we suggest you always check these before playing at any new online venue.


Sites audited by eCOGRA should bear the organisation’s logo and, when clicked, it should display the latest audit results. Incidentally payout percentages at online venues are normally far more favourable than those at land-based venues and we count ourselves as offering players among the very best standards fair play that they are likely to find.




For your protection, all of the activity at Reel Island is continuously monitored for evidence of illegal, play, attempted fraud and unauthorised access. In addition the website is secured by a secure socket layer provided by VeriSign.


By combining the latest anti-virus measures with state-of-the-art firewall technology and military-strength encryption algorithms, we are certain that Reel Island has done everything currently possible to make your visits to our site, not just exciting and great fun, but totally safe also.