Cookies Policy


If you thought that a cookies policy may involve a choice between choc chip and peanut, a little clarification is definitely required. In fact, in internet jargon, a cookie is a snippet of data that is transmitted by a website such as an online casino or internet retailer  and that is then stored in the browser of anyone viewing that site. On subsequent visits to the same site, the data snippet is then retrieved and used to note the pages visited, activities performed and any preferences shown during previous visits.


No Fear of Viruses or Malware.


These clever little applications are primarily intended to improve the browsing experience of visitors to a site, helping previously visited pages to load more quickly as well as assisting the site owner to display or provide links to content that past viewing has shown to be of interest to them.


They may not be used to carry computer viruses or to install any form of malware programme on your computer so, when accepting cookies there is absolutely no risk to your PC or its contents. In fact, some are absolutely essential to your security while online.


Known as authentication cookies, this type is required to verify whether or not you may be logged into a secured private web facility such as your casino account and thus whether or not to permit you to view personal and sensitive information.


A few companies, however, do abuse this simple data gathering technology, using the information collected to target their intensive internet marketing campaigns and, often, with very little regard to their relevancy. At Reel Island, we exercise a strict cookies policy with no other motive than that of providing you, our valued members, with the best possible online gaming experience.


How we use Cookies


Most importantly, we do not provide access for cookies from third party sources and those from our online casino site are confined strictly to the following uses…


  1. Essential – relating to such basics as language requirements, location and presentation of the appropriate web elements based on that information.


  1. Functional – remembering who you are and what you prefer to do when visiting our site so as to make it all quicker and easier for you.


  1. Performance Data – by gathering information about the performance of various browsers, connection types and locations we are able to measure the efficiency of our site and make any changes needed to its design to further improve its performance.


  1. Behavioural – by combining cookies with certain active-X controls we learn more about your behaviour and areas of interest when visiting our site and are better able to offer you tailored content such as special offers, advertising, and new games that are relevant to your specific interests and location.



You do have a Choice


You are not obliged to accept cookies from Reel Island or, indeed, from any other website and your browser allows the option to block them if your wish. However, to protect our security and yours, our server may block access to certain specific content.


Although, as stated, our online casino portal does not permit third-party cookies, we strongly advise that you set your browser to block them from all sources. You will find instructions on adjusting both these settings in its “Help” files.